In Limbo

We’re officially In Limbo.

We’re moving this week! We’ll get our keys one day this week and we’ll hopefully be all moved in before next weekend is over!

So, that means that I’ll be MIA for a while. I’ve still got some packing to do for the next couple of days and then LOTS of unpacking to do once we’re in. Also, we’ll probably internet-less for a few days after we move until we can get set up at the new house. But, I promise I’ll be back and posting again as soon as I can!

And, I did what research I could on space clearing/cleansing and I think I’m just going to get a couple sage smudge wands and use my Tibetan Singing Bowl to go over our new house with. I think it will be great! I’ll also bring all my crystals and gemstones and put them around the house, too.

So, to keep you entertained while I’m away, I’ll present you with my YouTube channel! Yes, I do have one and there’s a couple videos there that I posted earlier in the summer. I haven’t made any in quite some time, but I hope to pick that back up once we’re settled.

You can watch me here: TinaDenali on YouTube

Alrighty, I’ll see you on the other side!

Love each other,


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Have you participated in NaNoWriMo?

I’ve heard of it before, and someone created a thread about it on LHC (The Long Hair Community forum) and so I just spent the last half hour reading the NaNoWriMo website and I’m making it my goal to participate this year!

If you’ve never done it before, do it with me. It’ll be more fun to do it together. I promise.

Just something to chew on.

Love each other,


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The Cats as Kittens

I don’t have many pictures of the cats as kittens because I didn’t have a very nice camera back then, but I do have a few very sweet captures of them. It’ll show just how much Priscilla’s silken coat has changed.

Here they are in September of 2005. Elvis is 10 months old and Priscilla is 8 months old:

Here they are in December 2005. Elvis is 13 months old and Priscilla is 11 months old. I captured them both yawning! :

I can’t believe that was 5 years ago already! How time flies.

Love each other,


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My Second Baby

My second baby is this pretty kitty:

Priscilla came into my life a few months after I got Elvis, just shortly after I returned to work after my car accident in March 2005.

We had a customer bring in a tiny male kitten that needed a hernia repair surgery. The little kitten was cute as a button; a tiny little rag-doll cat. When he came to pick up the kitten, he mentioned that the kitten had a sister that needed a home and asked if he could place an add in our office. I said that would be fine, but when I got home that night I asked my parents if I could bring her home to be Elvis’ playmate. They asked me all kinds of questions, like was she a long haired cat and how old was she and could I afford to have her fixed? I told them I thought she was a normal length haired cat (because at the time I didn’t know what a rag-doll was; I thought she was a Siamese.), she was just two months old and that I’d have her fixed at the Vet office I was working at and it would be very low cost to me. They agreed to allow me to get her. They said they hoped it would calm down ‘Hellvis’ – my dad’s nickname for Elvis.

So, the next day at work I called the customer with the kitten and told him that I would love to adopt her. He was ecstatic and brought her right over to the Vet office. She was a tiny ball of white fluff with a cute little white patch on her nose. I decided to name her Priscilla – the name of Elvis’ once wife. The name fits her, too. She is a Priscilla. A princess.

And, she did wonders to calm Elvis down. He became a ‘big brother’ for her and taught her how to use the little box and how to play on the stairs.

Priscilla is your quintessential rag-doll cat. She’s large (12 pounds), she has long silky hair and she enjoys sleeping all day. She loves to be pet and will melt into your lap. If you pick her up, she just goes limp in your arms. She loves to sleep on the arm of the couch – one front leg and one back leg on each side, Monorail Cat-style.

Priscilla loves to lick hands. Elvis loves to lick faces. I’ve never had licking cats until these two, and I’ve had a total of 9 cats growing up. I just love their little sandpaper tongues. Priscilla loves to absentmindedly lick your hand while she cuddles with you on the couch. And then she’ll drift off to sleep with her tongue sticking out just a little. So cute!

Here’s her favorite way to sleep in their ‘bedroom’ (the laundry room):

Priscilla is a wonderful part of our family and I feel blessed she came into my life.

Love each other,


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A Quick Note

I just wanted to post a quick ‘Hello’ and ‘Thank you’ to the half dozen or so of you who are reading my blog! I really didn’t think anyone would read it and I was kind of just writing it for fun, because I like to write.

And, I’m making a point to answer every comment. If you took the time and energy to comment, I’d like to show you the same courtesy by replying. So, if you left me a comment, check back! 🙂

In house news: our loan was approved for our house! Yay! We’ve just got one stop left: signing closing documents! We’re ahead of schedule now, so that’s great news. I’m hoping we can close early next week and be able to move in NEXT WEEKEND. I can’t believe it could be almost here! I’m jumping out of my skin!

So, thank you again to my little group of readers. I hope I can continue to provide something you want to read and please feel free to contact me at any time if you have questions. I added a ‘Contact’ tab to make that easier for you.

Love each other,


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Aromatherapy Works

I’ve been interested in aromatherapy for years.

I’ve always loved smells. Flowers, food, perfumes, clean clothes, summer breezes, puppy breath, baby bellies… My sense of smell is probably one of my strongest senses. I can smell when one of our animals has had an accident in the house and DH will deny it up and down until I find it. Happened a lot when Luna, our 3 year old Karelian Bear Dog, was a puppy. I can smell when our neighbor is cooking dinner. I can smell when snakes are in our yard.

I was introduced to my first essential oil when I was a teenager. It was lavender. I’d never liked lavender scented things. I received a bar of lavender scented soap in a gift bag at a friend’s birthday party one year and I had to keep my window rolled down on the drive home because the smell was choking me. But, once I smelled lavender essential oil I knew what I’d smelled in the past was fake, engineered lavender smell. I bought some and some lavender incense and happily smelled them both quite often after that.

Once I entered massage school (in February 2007), I learned so much more about essential oils and I fell in love with them. I started my collection then and it’s grown larger every year. I’ve collected them from many places – Aura Cacia from Whole Foods,, Mountain Rose Herbs (my all-time favorite and go-to for all things herbs), and even a sweet lady from Craigslist. My collection includes over 70 essential oils, now!

But, what have I done with them? What can be done with them? So many things!

Following Rosemary Gladstar’s book A Family Herbal, I’ve made lotions, salves, hair conditioners, hair shampoos, soap, face wash, perfumes and other lovelies using my essential oils. I’ve used them in my massage practice. I’ve used them in burners to create lovely moods in my home. I’ve used them to treat burns, cuts, bug bites, sore muscles, rashes, warts, and fungal infections.

But, like many things, I’ve still got a lot to learn about Aromatherapy. Do you want to learn, too? I’d love to share what I’ve learned. I’ve got about a dozen reference books on aromatherapy and I’d love to have more confidence in my knowledge on Aromatherapy applications. And, I’d love to share what I learn with you!

Are you interested in aromatherapy? Do you have some essential oils? What are your favorites?

Love one another,


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Simple Pleasures

When you’re packing to move houses (and in the moving process itself) you realize just how much STUFF you’ve got. I’m being hit with that realization today and I’m wanting to simplify and downsize.

DH, however, wants to keep everything. He finds sentimental value in nearly everything. He doesn’t want me to give away my old clothes because those are the clothes I wore when we met. So, I’ve got five boxes of (too small) clothing in our closet that he wants me to keep. Our new house does NOT have a huge walk in closet like what we’ve got in our rental house. There is no room for all my old clothes, and I know it’s unlikely I’m going to fit into them again. But, part of me wants to keep them, too – JUST IN CASE.

And there’s where my problem is. I don’t find sentimental value in everything, I want to keep everything just in case I’ll need it again in the future. And, if I think I might need it in the future, I keep it so that when I will need this thing, I’ll have it and not have to buy another one. I’m frugal like that. But, as I pack our boxes of belongings, I am trying to look past that.

In the kitchen: we’ve got THREE full sets of dishes (for two people!). We’ve got two full sets of tephlon type pots and pans (that we’re not using anymore because of the health risks associated with non-stick type cookware), but all we use anymore is our cast iron pan, dutch oven and glass baking dishes. We have two full sets of cups and glasses. Granted, some of this is due to when I moved in I had some things. But still – why do we need all of this? In truth, we don’t. Peoples of the past have not carried around moving trucks full of stuff.

Being the emotionally and empathically sensitive person that I am, I am affected by things like clutter and the weight of ‘stuff’. It makes me feel emotionally bogged down. It doesn’t affect my husband in quite the same way.

So, as I am packing, I am asking myself: Self, do you need this? Have you used it in the last year? Why are you holding on to it?

I yearn to have a bit more simplistic a life. A little less stuff. A lot more room for good energy.

Do you have any tips for reducing ‘stuff’? I could use them right now…

Love each other,


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