Lavandula Domestica is my spot on the web to ramble about my day to day life.

I am a homemaker living in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest with my dashing husband and four furbabies: two cats and two dogs.

I’m a wise woman at heart (though, how wise can one 24 year old be?) and am always learning. I love to learn about the body, ways of healing, nutrition, nature, and anthropology. I’m currently learning about crystal healing, tarot, traditional nutrition, and body work. In the future I hope to receive further education in nutrition, massage therapy, body work, herbalism, energy work, and perhaps even midwifery!

I am a trained and certified Massage Therapist, but I’m not currently working. I’ve been practicing massage for almost three years. These days, however, I’m a domestic girl and consider myself a Homemaker. It’s the best job I’ve ever had (and I’ve had almost a dozen in my mere 24 years) and I look forward to when I get promoted to SAHM (stay at home mom).

I was born an only child and my siblings were my dogs and cats. My parents are a huge part of my life, but know nothing about a huge part of my life. I love my parents with all my heart and they mean the world to me. I wish I could share with them the side of me that I’m nurturing now, but I know they just would not understand. So, for now, I will keep my spiritual path to myself.

I made this blog because I have been inspired by the many blogs I read each day. I wanted to add my take on things and share little bits of myself. I can’t promise I’ll post every day, but I can promise that each and every post I make will be filled with love and intention.


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