I feel lost without…Lost.

I finally got to watch the ending of Lost today.

DH and I watched the first three seasons a couple years ago and fell off the wagon of watching weekly episodes when season four ended. We really enjoyed the first few seasons, but season four felt so confusing that we kind of got burnt out on being so lost all the time… pardon the pun!

But, a few weeks ago I saw that season five was on NetFlix (I love you, NetFlix… never leave) Instant Play, so I watched it on our XBOX. I felt a bit lost at first (hehe!), but season five reveals a lot of information that previously left me with a question mark over my head. I enjoyed watching it and as the screen went black on the season five finale, I panicked because season six was not on Instant Play. I was tempted to ‘rent’ the seasons for $0.99 a piece, but with 17 episodes, that’s almost more than we pay per month for NetFlix. So, I stuck it out and sent back my (unwatched) movies from home back to their home in their little red envelopes and kicked Lost season six to the top of my queue. Each day I got a new disc with four or so episodes and each night I packaged up the little red envelope to go out in the next days mail. I’ve been a huge loser for the past week; spending about 3.5 hours in front of our (new!) tv.

But, it ended up being worth it. I really liked the ending of Lost and I think the writers are geniuses. They made it work, fit together and wrapped everything up. I was happy, it was perfect. And the extras on the final disc are really great, too. The bloopers, the behind the scenes, the deleted scenes – all very good.

And I will tell you, and I’m not ashamed to say it, but I cried like the whole way through the final episode!

Have you watched Lost?

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