I’ve been away a long, long time…

I wish I could say I’ve been way too busy to post, but that would be a lie!

(Unless you call finally watching the last season of Lost on our new TV, playing World of Warcraft, reading, and watching random movies on NetFlix busy!)

(Picture note: Elvis and Priscilla in ‘Ivan’s chair’. A chair left by the previous owner of our house. It’s more than cozy. In fact, you fall asleep the second your butt hits the cushion!)

As you know, we recently moved and let me tell you… I love this house. It’s amazing. It’s no dream house (it’s only 1,000 finished feet, and another 1,000 unfinished downstairs – a split level) and needs updating – but it’s ours and everything works and nothing is broken. The man who lived in our house before us bought it new in 1977 and he never did a thing to it (other than the necessary replacements). I’m not even sure he lived here? The (brown shag) carpet is in near perfect condition, with mild wear down the hallway and up the stairs from the front door. The moulding and trim work is without dings. The walls are spotless, seems he never hung a single thing. He was very organized, too. When we moved in he left for us a folder full of every instruction manual for everything for the house, complete with receipt stapled to it if he bought it, as well as his hand-written notes detailing the date purchased, date installed, name of person who sold it to him, name of person who installed it, etc. A little OCD, perhaps, but I’m thankful for his notes. A new dishwasher was purchased in 2002, and a new fridge and stove in the nineties, and I’m happy to know all the information about them in case anything happens. A new roof was installed five years ago, thank goodness – roofs are expensive. A new water heater was installed in 1997, at the same time a new furnace was installed (right on the money at 20 years!) and dear old Ivan (that’s his name) whipped out his label maker and slapped a label on both of them stating the date of install and what company installed it. Bless him!

When the inspector did his inspection of the house, he said he’s never seen a house of this age in such good condition. He wondered if Ivan even lived here, too.

I think the only original appliance left in the house is the dryer. It’s harvest gold. It’s got to be from the seventies. It’s just gotta.

The house we were living in had a huge walk in closet and a bathroom the size of a standard bedroom, so downsizing in those departments has been interesting, but we’re making it work. And everything I said before we moved is true. We’ve lived here five weeks now and there’s about 15 boxes of ‘stuff’ we haven’t even opened yet. That sure tells me it’s not vital stuff…!!

(Picture note: the bald patch on Luna’s side is from an injury several weeks back, it’s fully healed and the hair is slowly growing back in)

The dogs are loving their yard. They bark a lot more here, though. I didn’t know my sweet little Luna had it in her, but she does. There’s an original chain link (and super sturdy, wow!) fence around half the yard in the back (and the back back yard backs up to a creek!), but I’d love to have it all wood before children come… I will be unwilling and unable to go running out every half hour to tell the dogs to quit barking. And they just HATE being inside now. Now that they know what it’s like out there in ‘their yard’, they just positively DIE being inside. Luna especially. Pip doesn’t like to be wet or dirty in any way (he prances across the yard to find a place to relieve himself and promptly prances back to the clean, dry patio…. unless there’s a squirrel, in which case he bolts without a care), so he’d rather be inside lately. But Luna LOVES to be muddy and wet (and she also loves to lay in the sun, despite her black spitz breed double coat!), so she couldn’t be bothered by October weather. In fact, she says, “Bring it on!”.

The cats are fully adjusted. Sometimes I wish we just had cats. I love our dogs, but I really think I am a cat person. I used to think I was a dog person because I grew up with dogs and was an only child… but they are just so much work! I spend a great deal of my day letting them out and letting them in and stopping them from barking and feeding them and walking them and brushing them…. gah! And most of the time I don’t even do it all. A cat needs a box cleaned out once or twice a week (we have a *really* big litter box because we hate cleaning it out every day!) and a check to make sure food/water is full. Done. That’s it. Priscilla even doesn’t requite any brushing. She doesn’t matt at all. He hair is so silky that it just doesn’t tangle. Now, clipping off the occasional dingle-berry is another thing…

DH told me he wants to start baby making in January now, that he’s too excited to wait. That’s sweet, but I’m not going to suffer through summer being 6-8 months pregnant, no thanks. I already have a hard time with the heat, I don’t know if I could add pregnancy to that! So, I told him if we’re going to start earlier than his previous date (of September, 2011) that it would have to be a bit later, say May or June. So, we agreed to start then. I have a feeling we’ll get pregnant very easy, we’re both very healthy. So that’s good news!

Other than all of that stuff, NaNoWriMo is starting in just a few days! I had a story line epiphany yesterday and boy am I thankful for that because I was getting nervous. I’ve got enough to get me through the first week, now, I think, and I’m pretty sure it will just develop from there. The goal is 1,700 words per day and by the end of my post I’ll have typed out 1,126 words.

That said, it may mean fewer posts. But, I’ve got some posts planned to do, soon. I want to do a house tour, maybe… if I can clean my house up enough for that. But, I also made some yummies recently and want to share recipes. And no, it’s not food! 🙂

Anyway, I need to actually go make some food for dinner. Chili tonight! Yum!

Love each other,


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4 Responses to I’ve been away a long, long time…

  1. LFB says:

    Ehh! Yay! You’re back!

    I’m so happy to read about your house, actually I’m a little jealous! I want such a lovely home sweet home too! lol
    I love the way your cats look in that picture.. they look so.. lazy and comfy, dogs on the other hand look like “squirrel!! squirrel!! yay!”
    And wow about the previous owner, now what an organized man! You both are sure lucky to get your house so neat and organized.

    Wow, seems like a lot to celebrate, so congratulations for you both, I’m sure you’re all excited about all the funs this house is gonna bring to you!

    Love, Sally

    • Hi Sally!
      Thanks for the kind reply! It is nice to have our own place – it’s been five years of waiting for it! 🙂
      And yes – the dogs are driving me nuts with their squirrel obsession. Well, they’re obsessed with anything they can see that moves!
      We are so glad that Ivan kept all those records – makes things a lot easier for us. 🙂
      NaNoWriMo TOMORROW!! Are you ready?!?!

  2. LFB says:

    NaNoWriMo!!! ahhh!! Ahhh squirrel!! (I’m gonna start running in circles!)
    wish you a lovely writing month Tina 😀

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