Home Sweet Home

I am here a little later than I had expected… but better late than never, right??

We’re all moved in. Well… all of our stuff is at our house – but we’re still surrounded by boxes. I’ve got a good ‘Garage Sale’ stuff pile going as I work on simplifying our life.

The dogs are loving their yard! They love to run around and bark and play. We haven’t had time yet to take them for a walk around the neighborhood or anything, but hopefully we’ll have time one night this week to do that. There’s a pretty big park just across the street in a forest with trails. Pretty cool!

We love our new house. It already feels so much like home!

And, DH told me the other day he wants to start baby making in JANUARY! Wow! What a change. He said being in our own house made him feel more like we’s ready to start our family! Great news! So, I picked up a prenatal vitamin at Whole Foods yesterday. Just a standard one to get me started, and in December or so I’ll get a higher quality one. I guess I need to start eating more organ meats, too…!

Anyhow, this is really just a quick update and ‘Hello’, I’ve got some cleaning to do as we’re having a guest over for dinner.

I’ll make a proper post tomorrow and in the future I’ll have pictures up of our house! For now it’s a bit… unorganized.

Love each other,


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2 Responses to Home Sweet Home

  1. ButterCup02 says:

    Congratulations! It must feel so great to be in your new home 🙂

    Also Congratulations on the new baby making date!!! That is oh so exciting!!!!

  2. LFB says:

    Finally you’re back! Internet was starting to get boring .. hehe

    It must be oh-so exciting having a new house to decorate, it is like a fresh start, a chance to get rid of old things, I guess is like meeting a new person! I guess it is fun! (I have never moved, so I’m just guessing!, perhaps it is a PITA lol!!)

    And wow, baby making! Yay! I’m guessing someone wants to fill the house with some other little persons here and there 😉

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