Have you participated in NaNoWriMo?

I’ve heard of it before, and someone created a thread about it on LHC (The Long Hair Community forum) and so I just spent the last half hour reading the NaNoWriMo website and I’m making it my goal to participate this year!

If you’ve never done it before, do it with me. It’ll be more fun to do it together. I promise.

Just something to chew on.

Love each other,


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6 Responses to NaNoWriMo

  1. LFB says:

    Wow!! This is insanely good!!
    Besides they make it seem so fun that I’ll join you! (I also need time to fly while I wait my admission results.. By the way, I should be working on that too!!)

    Thanks for the update!

    PS. You also inspired me to start my own blog, no as cute looking as yours, though πŸ˜›

    • Oh, Sally, I’m glad you’ll join me!! πŸ™‚ We can do it… it’s all about quantity, not quality – so that’s what’s keeping me interested.

      What’s your blog address?! I’d love to read it!

  2. ButterCup02 says:

    I’ve seen that website before, and thought about it too. Never have done it, but I think it’d be fun!

  3. LFB says:

    Oh Tina! Didn’t have any time to answer earlier, sorry, I think that if you click my name, you will get to my awfull blog πŸ˜›

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