My Second Baby

My second baby is this pretty kitty:

Priscilla came into my life a few months after I got Elvis, just shortly after I returned to work after my car accident in March 2005.

We had a customer bring in a tiny male kitten that needed a hernia repair surgery. The little kitten was cute as a button; a tiny little rag-doll cat. When he came to pick up the kitten, he mentioned that the kitten had a sister that needed a home and asked if he could place an add in our office. I said that would be fine, but when I got home that night I asked my parents if I could bring her home to be Elvis’ playmate. They asked me all kinds of questions, like was she a long haired cat and how old was she and could I afford to have her fixed? I told them I thought she was a normal length haired cat (because at the time I didn’t know what a rag-doll was; I thought she was a Siamese.), she was just two months old and that I’d have her fixed at the Vet office I was working at and it would be very low cost to me. They agreed to allow me to get her. They said they hoped it would calm down ‘Hellvis’ – my dad’s nickname for Elvis.

So, the next day at work I called the customer with the kitten and told him that I would love to adopt her. He was ecstatic and brought her right over to the Vet office. She was a tiny ball of white fluff with a cute little white patch on her nose. I decided to name her Priscilla – the name of Elvis’ once wife. The name fits her, too. She is a Priscilla. A princess.

And, she did wonders to calm Elvis down. He became a ‘big brother’ for her and taught her how to use the little box and how to play on the stairs.

Priscilla is your quintessential rag-doll cat. She’s large (12 pounds), she has long silky hair and she enjoys sleeping all day. She loves to be pet and will melt into your lap. If you pick her up, she just goes limp in your arms. She loves to sleep on the arm of the couch – one front leg and one back leg on each side, Monorail Cat-style.

Priscilla loves to lick hands. Elvis loves to lick faces. I’ve never had licking cats until these two, and I’ve had a total of 9 cats growing up. I just love their little sandpaper tongues. Priscilla loves to absentmindedly lick your hand while she cuddles with you on the couch. And then she’ll drift off to sleep with her tongue sticking out just a little. So cute!

Here’s her favorite way to sleep in their ‘bedroom’ (the laundry room):

Priscilla is a wonderful part of our family and I feel blessed she came into my life.

Love each other,


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