A Quick Note

I just wanted to post a quick ‘Hello’ and ‘Thank you’ to the half dozen or so of you who are reading my blog! I really didn’t think anyone would read it and I was kind of just writing it for fun, because I like to write.

And, I’m making a point to answer every comment. If you took the time and energy to comment, I’d like to show you the same courtesy by replying. So, if you left me a comment, check back! 🙂

In house news: our loan was approved for our house! Yay! We’ve just got one stop left: signing closing documents! We’re ahead of schedule now, so that’s great news. I’m hoping we can close early next week and be able to move in NEXT WEEKEND. I can’t believe it could be almost here! I’m jumping out of my skin!

So, thank you again to my little group of readers. I hope I can continue to provide something you want to read and please feel free to contact me at any time if you have questions. I added a ‘Contact’ tab to make that easier for you.

Love each other,


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4 Responses to A Quick Note

  1. ButterCup02 says:

    So exciting!! I hope it all goes smoothly and you guys are in there next weekend!! *fingers crossed*

    I remember how excited we were when we bought our house a couple years ago. So fun!!

    • Thank you!! It’s a very excited (and sometimes scary!) process, that’s for sure. Our new house is going to be a million times better than our current rental, so I’m just so excited. We’re going to have a yard! The doggies are going to love it!

  2. ButterCup02 says:

    Yards are the best! We have a nice fenced yard with a fire pit 🙂 Our dog loves it! Hubby built a nice deck this summer too. I love sitting out in the yard in summer time!

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