Simple Pleasures

When you’re packing to move houses (and in the moving process itself) you realize just how much STUFF you’ve got. I’m being hit with that realization today and I’m wanting to simplify and downsize.

DH, however, wants to keep everything. He finds sentimental value in nearly everything. He doesn’t want me to give away my old clothes because those are the clothes I wore when we met. So, I’ve got five boxes of (too small) clothing in our closet that he wants me to keep. Our new house does NOT have a huge walk in closet like what we’ve got in our rental house. There is no room for all my old clothes, and I know it’s unlikely I’m going to fit into them again. But, part of me wants to keep them, too – JUST IN CASE.

And there’s where my problem is. I don’t find sentimental value in everything, I want to keep everything just in case I’ll need it again in the future. And, if I think I might need it in the future, I keep it so that when I will need this thing, I’ll have it and not have to buy another one. I’m frugal like that. But, as I pack our boxes of belongings, I am trying to look past that.

In the kitchen: we’ve got THREE full sets of dishes (for two people!). We’ve got two full sets of tephlon type pots and pans (that we’re not using anymore because of the health risks associated with non-stick type cookware), but all we use anymore is our cast iron pan, dutch oven and glass baking dishes. We have two full sets of cups and glasses. Granted, some of this is due to when I moved in I had some things. But still – why do we need all of this? In truth, we don’t. Peoples of the past have not carried around moving trucks full of stuff.

Being the emotionally and empathically sensitive person that I am, I am affected by things like clutter and the weight of ‘stuff’. It makes me feel emotionally bogged down. It doesn’t affect my husband in quite the same way.

So, as I am packing, I am asking myself: Self, do you need this? Have you used it in the last year? Why are you holding on to it?

I yearn to have a bit more simplistic a life. A little less stuff. A lot more room for good energy.

Do you have any tips for reducing ‘stuff’? I could use them right now…

Love each other,


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4 Responses to Simple Pleasures

  1. Jenn of Pence says:

    Oh, Tina, I know exactly what you mean! I always liked to keep stuff, but after being in college and moving twice a year for four years and then once every year after that in grad school until we bought our house, I figured out that a lot of stuff just had to go. I learned to pick some of the most important sentimental things and let go of the rest (you can only keep so many years’ worth of Christmas cards!!). I am also a “what if” kind of person, so I’ve had to learn how to part with stuff I know I won’t use (like those dozens of bottles of scented lotion your cousins get you for Christmas every year?…those finally went away this year!). It might help to donate the useful stuff to a charitable organization so you know that someone else can enjoy them.
    One thing I’ve stopped collecting is books…way too heavy to move! 😉
    DH is also a bit of a “keeper,” especially of computer paraphernalia. However, I am slowly showing him that it’s probably okay to part with that video card from 1999 or that cell phone charger from before we were married. He’s slowly changed his perspective, so give your DH time; don’t nag and set a good example, and maybe he’ll come around like mine. And maybe after lugging boxes around to the new house, his attitude will change, too. 😉

    • Oh, cards! I was the same way… every birthday card, every Christmas card, every card from our wedding…! I finally got rid of those when we moved two years ago in the rental we’re in now. I also tossed out all my bottles of random bath products just a few days ago! Those dang cousins! I always get those from them, too!! Isn’t that funny?
      I’ve put together two huge trash bags of clothing to donate, but all the lotions and potions were at least five years old, so I just had to trash them. But, I’m thinking I’ll donate a set of our dishes, perhaps.
      And don’t get me started on DH’s electronics…!! They take up almost an entire closet in our guest room! Nothing he ever uses! I should just take it all to an e-recycling place. It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission, right?? Hehehe!
      Luckily, I’m the one doing the packing (part of the job description of being a Housewife!!), so I’ve got say over what goes and what doesn’t. DH mysteriously showed up when I started packing books, so I wasn’t able to toss any of his old college textbooks into the recycle. He’s convinced he’ll need them again at some point, but they’re so dang heavy!
      Well, thanks for coming over to my blog and sharing, Jenn!! 🙂

  2. ButterCup02 says:

    I’m a subscriber to FlyLady (a really neat website) and one thing it taught me was how to declutter. Best thing I’ve learned! Go through a room and get rid of 15 things (the site says 27 but that’s tough for me LOL), and give yourself a timeline of say 15-20 minutes. Have a box for throw away, put away, or give away and have at ‘er!

    • Ooo, thanks for the FlyLady tip. I added it to my bookmarks 🙂

      I need to go through DH’s clothes and separate things into keep, give away and throw away. He’s unlikely to do it, so I think I better do it for him. 😉

      I’m trying really hard to de-clutter as I pack and I think I’ve done a pretty good job! I’ve got two huge garbage bags of my clothes to donate and a huge bag to give to a friend. And I’ve got a couple other boxes of things around the house we don’t want/need anymore that I’m going to donate as well.

      Thanks for reading my blog and for adding me as a friend on LHC!! 😀

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