Are you a part of a community? How do you socialize?

I find that I’m not as social as I used to be. Because I moved about an hour away to live with my husband, I lost touch with lots of old friends. But, you know what? That’s okay with me. I’m a total introvert and not overly social, so I tend to get really nervous and anxious when I have to be in a group of people. I love being at home with my little family (and with my extended family).

I find that I enjoy community none the less. As a massage therapist I get to attend training sessions every couple years. I love to commune with other therapists. I attend classes at a local shop that offers sessions on crystal healing, aromatherapy and natural living. I enjoy being around like-minded individuals. I am starting a Tarot class next month.

And I also belong to several on-line communities that share my interests. I’m on a Pagan forum, a long hair forum and a Tarot forum. I get to feel a sense of community in these places from the comfort of my own home. I give and receive in these places and it inspires, empowers and comforts me.

Where do you find community?

Love each other,


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