A Friendly First


I find myself starting a blog again. I kind of never thought it would happen, but today I decided to push myself and take the plunge. I’ve had numerous blogs in the past, but they never lasted more than a few weeks. I grew tired of the content or ‘blogged’ myself into a corner with nothing else to say.

However, I’ve left this one open-ended. It’s a be-all end-all. I can say whatever I want, whenever I want and not feel pressure.

I suppose I’ll get to the whole ‘about me’ part soon enough – but for now if anyone happens upon this blog they will find just a tad of information about me by clicking the ‘About Me’ tab on the top.

I’ve got a lot of ideas for this blog, and perhaps I should lay out the kinds of things I want to write about so that I don’t get overwhelmed. I’ll put that on my To-Do list for tomorrow!

For now, though, I’ll let you know that my husband and I are in the process of buying our first home and have been a bit busy and pre-occupied as of late. So, if posts come on a little slowly, that’s why. I’m busy packing!

Love each other,


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